AZ Movement Clinic

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The deep relaxation and release of tension in my neck and shoulders is lasting! LOVE your touch and the caring and expertise.  I feel deeply relaxed and renewed, as well as cared for.  -Jayne Brown, National NLP Trainer, Sedona, AZ


After my therapy I experienced a very deep and restful sleep, and awoke the next morning with extreme clarity of mind. I felt a wonderful connection, Mira Bai has a very big heart! Seldom do I meet such a genuine and loving person. I have definitely had my spirit lifted, and feel privileged to have Mira Bai in my life. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to experience Ashiatsu for the first time. -Rita Logan


This is the best therapy I have had for my back of all I have tried over the years. Mira Bai has a way of getting deep massage to areas of my back that others have not reached, yet I have no soreness after the massage. If I were rich I'd have a massage from Mira Bai EVERY DAY, it's that good! -Carl P. Maggio, Sedona, AZ


It was all joy once again investing time with you for massage. You possess an extraordinary array of professional and personal gifts, which bless all those who cross your path. I’m honored to count myself amongst them.  -Alan Freedman


“Mind altering massage. This is what jello must feel like”. -DM, Cottonwood AZ