Mira Bai Fairlight LMT.
Move With Ease


The deep relaxation and release of tension in my neck and shoulders is lasting! LOVE your touch and the caring and expertise.  I feel deeply relaxed and renewed, as well as cared for.  -Jayne Brown, National NLP Trainer, Sedona, AZ


After my therapy I experienced a very deep and restful sleep, and awoke the next morning with extreme clarity of mind. I felt a wonderful connection, Mira Bai has a very big heart! Seldom do I meet such a genuine and loving person. I have definitely had my spirit lifted, and feel privileged to have Mira Bai in my life. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to experience Ashiatsu for the first time. -Rita Logan


This is the best therapy I have had for my back of all I have tried over the years. Mira Bai has a way of getting deep massage to areas of my back that others have not reached, yet I have no soreness after the massage. If I were rich I'd have a massage from Mira Bai EVERY DAY, it's that good! -Carl P. Maggio, Sedona, AZ